Murals & trompe l'oeil
for historic architecture

  ALAN DODD works as a designer and mural painter, generally in historic and sensitive architectural settings, but also doing new work 'in keeping'.

  Projects in London have included the Pompeiian ceiling decoration in the New Picture Room at Sir John Soane's Museum from unexecuted drawings of 1890; reclaiming the trompe l'oeil balustrade decoration on Vardy's 1757 staircase at Spencer House; and more recently the re-creation of the three large landscape canvases after lost works by Zucchi for the Great Eating Room at Home House, Portman Square.

A wide selection of Dodd's work is available here for viewing.

Alternatively View the Catalogue of the Baroque & Gothick 2004 Exhibition of paintings at the Georgian Group.


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